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Hello my dear dudes and dudettes B) :iconblazinflizard:

UPDATE - Hello people just a friendly reminder that the contest is on going and there are 5 days left. Currently there are 29 contestants and the current first place prize is $40 :D
Any character related question or inquiry about the contest please let me now :)

OLD UPDATE - Milestone of 20 users reached now the first prize gets $40 :D!!!! However for the next milestone that is 30 users which the first prize will reach $50 everyone must submit their entry.

Ok so now the contest has oficially started and people have exactly 30 days to submit their entries. If anyone still wanna join the contest feel free to join, but hurry since the timer is already running. Wish success to everyone and to have a lot of fun :D ^^!!!

*PAST EDIT - The contest will oficially begin in 3 days. 1 more contestant to improve the prizes :D*

As you might know the only contest I do once a year is the Sally Sexy Drawing Contest, I have many more super cute kawaii sugoi desu ne (some people is gonna kill me for saying all this ROFL) new OCs that prolly you must have already seen like Hikari, Tami, Natsumi and now Aina :iconnewlaplz:
Well I think people is getting tired of drawing Sally...BUT...she is also one of my characters...SO...the theme of this year is that you can choose any of my female characters and you can draw them in a sexy way SFW or NSFW |D
As always there are going to be 3 judges been me one of them who will decide which drawings is the best using the criteria of the effort you put in the drawing (technique/anatomy), the scene(pose) and the sexyness level (how sexy you made her look). You can draw a sketch, a full digital picture, traditional, watercolors, etc, but depending on what you do you may get or lose point so try to make a great drawing and put your effort in it :D

You can submit up to 3 entries if you want, but the one with the highest score will be the one considered at the moment of selecting a place(prize) for you. Also please when you submit your entry put a link to the contest (this journal) and either mention me or submit the entry link here so I can be aware of your submission.

The contest will officially start the 1st of April and will end the 2nd of May (an extra day was added, because of a feature in the official DA contest group, sorry for the extension :( ). Before the contest begin you have time to subscribe to the contest and anyways you can also subscribe once the contest started as long as you deliver your drawing before the deadline ends:

The prizes will be upgraded depending the amount of people who joins but so far - next milestone 30 users with all their drawing submitted ($10+ to first place):

1st Place - $40 + Full-digital soft shaded drawing with simple BG

2nd place - Full digital soft shaded drawing with simple BG

3rd place - Full digital cell shaded drawing with no bg.

Honorable mention - Fullbody sketch

Which characters you can draw?

- Sally
Age 18, looks like 17 - Height: 1.75 mts , Personality: Hates humans(everyone), C cup

- Hikari Happy Valentine's Day From Hikari by BlazinFlizard
Age (who knows B)), looks like 14-15 - Height: 1.54 mts , Personality: Mean/Cold Tsundere, B cup

- Tami
Age 18, looks like 17 - Height: 1.72 mts, Personality: Extremely joyful, C cup

- Natsumi Natsumi by BlazinFlizard
Age (who knows B)), looks like 14-15 - Height: 1.52 mts , Personality: Crazy Tsundere, C cup

- Aina Aina by BlazinFlizard
Age 24, looks like 12-13 (a little more tiny than the Shinmai No Testament succubus so don't come with bs rofl) - Height: 1.40 mts , Personality: Shy romantic loli demon, A-B cup

How you draw them, with what clothe you draw them, is your problem, everything goes baby, EVERYTHING GOES (you can even use FA if you need to upload more tasty drawings |D).

Guidelines + Tips

In order to achieve the 30 points for your drawing you need to achieve 10 points in each of the 3 evaluated categories:

Drawing Effort: The drawing has good anatomy, it was painted well, uses interesting techniques, etc(make the drawing well).

Pose + idea: You selected a nice pose that fits the sexyness theme, and the idea you used for the drawing is nice and unique. Try not to do the common poses you always see around come with interesting stuff.

Sexyness: Well this where you are going to use your abbilities to make the character look sexy as possible. Remember that sexyness is not to put them in a slut or playboy bunny outfit. Use ypur creativity, play with their clothe (or remove it rofl), play with their emotions, shyness, embarrasment, facial expressions, body, etc, to make the characters look sexy as possible. Of course if you just draw them in their normal outfit or with a ñot of clothe you might not get all points, so don't be scared and be creative. And for more hardcorw stuff post it on Pixiv or Furaffinity.

If you do all that you might get the 30 points from each judge B)

Example of sexy drawings:…

Old Edits:

- New form of Sally added in case you wanna draw her like that too. We getting close to the next prizes update B)
- More contestants + guidelines(tips) added.
- More contestants added, if we reach 20, prizes will be updated, invite your friends so we can improve prizes :D
- Rumors say that Hikari will be the most picked character in this contest rofl.
- Contestants and characters info added


Contestants - 29

- :icony-enter: Blaz Contest by Y-enter
- :iconthere-will-be-rain:…
- :iconsilver-wing-mk2:
- :iconivanksmw:
- :icontosutosart:  Hikari by Tosutosart
- :iconkaijudragon:
- :iconcyn-kamo:
- :icondarkselia:
- :iconraysrays:
- :iconmay-ya: Sexy Sally Entry by Cissero
- :iconacosmicrose:
- :iconkumata:
- :iconghoza-kun:
- :iconnomellie:
- :iconweaboo666:
- :iconbluetopaz01:  Lip biting (Contest entry No.6) by BlueTopaz01

Mature Content

Lip biting NSFW (contest entry No 6.2) by BlueTopaz01

- :iconnsfwworks:
- :iconartbynaniunina: Pinup Tami Emanuel2 by artbynaniunina
- :iconpopokino:
- :iconthecynicalviet: 

Mature Content

Img 20170423 172943-1 by TheCynicalViet

- :iconani-sempai:
- :icondendouguidragonpowah:
- :iconaldo-omf:
- :iconsuperfann: 

Mature Content

Natsumi by SuperFann

- :iconwanderertamplior:
- :iconfishmandf:  Getting a bit 'racy'... @BlazinFlizard 's Aina! by fishmandf


I'm not a baby sitter and I'm not gonna be looking who is underaged or not for this contest, it's up to the each individual to participate or not based in the rules of DA and such, or wutever and I take no responsability and to be honest I could care less, but yeah keep in mind this is a NSFW contest for grown up/mature people rofl.

P.D. If you are butt hurted about this contest because your life is miserable I'm really sorry, everyone here joined cause they wanted despite the not so awesome prizes and the contest will exist as long as life allows it ;3 , luv u <3 

In and out B)
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Hello gaaaiz :iconblazinflizard:

Well I've come with the interesting idea to get a Patreon page since I'm starting to get more active in art. Would be interesting if you checked the things I offer there since I'm going to start posting things in there that won't post in DA anymore (like NSFW version of some drawings, sketches, etc), and also will give the people that becomes my patreons better rewards than just the normal commission here on DA. So I really encourage you all to check it out :D

Well in other news I want to introduce to you all some 2 great artists that I've met in the past week and I've been streaming with in Picarto, check their art, commishes and give them love :D :


Magical Devil Girls (1st-Detest) by Y-enterLillie Pokemon by Y-enterzzzzz BlazinFlizard by Y-enterCommission Jester by Y-enter


Wataru by cyn-kamo

In and out B)
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  • Listening to: Never Ending Tale
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I'm doing another anime drawing but...I'm not gonna let it be the 666 ROFL
So since it's a dark number, Imma do a quick GORE art of the CUT HEAD of a character I pick from this journal... :iconweegeeplz:

So yeah comment if you want a gorey drzwing of your character or at least his/her head rofl :iconemoluigiplz:

Stream in like 2 hours 30 mins :iconnewlaplz:

In and out B)
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Hello gaaaaiz :iconblazinflizard:

Another great friend of mine and amazing artist decided to start submitting his artwork to DA to expand his horizons. I please encourage you to be friendly with him, be his friend, etc, because there are not many Ecuadorians on DA, I could say that we are less than 100 currently active xD!!!! WE NEED MORE ECUADORIANS GAAAIZ, WE NEED TO LURE THEM HERE 8CCCC :iconemoluigiplz::iconemoluigiplz::iconemoluigiplz:

Well anyways.... xDDDDDDDD

This is my friend his pen name is Kazuki Saito and his is an amazing manga and comic artist, he has his own manga and is working in his own comic as well:


Here is some of his work:

Batman by Me by saitokazuki Zero Suit Samus by saitokazuki My Creations by saitokazuki

Like you must watch this dude :iconweegeeplz: , be friends with him, he is an awesome peep B)

AND WE FCKING NEED MORE FCKING ECUADORIANS ON DA :iconcryingplz::iconcryingplz::iconcryingplz:

In and out B)
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Well :icontyradragoness: never talks, and worst tag so in since this miracle occured I'm going to do this tag rofl.

- Go to
- Put all the names from your friend's list in the box (line for each name)
- Click 'randomise'
- Use the names as they appear to answer the stuff below OR click 'randomize again' and use only the name that appears first each time.
- No cheating!
- If you run out of names before you answered all the stuff, just randomize and start again!
- If you have more than 15 friends, just use the first 15 that come out of the randomizer.


So here we go :X

1. Your roommate:

So good it was a boi or :iconyuukiame: would have kicked my arse :x

2. Your doctor:

Wonder if mental doctor or physical, would be a little worried at least you show me a medical degree Snowy D; xDD

3. Person licking the windows:

Damnit Mooghan...I knew you had some sort of things for windows :X (?

4. Person stashing food in the corners:

For the day she completely isolates from society, you know since she rarely appears on here anymore (??? :x

5. Person acting like an animal:



6. Person helping you escape:


Escape my fate (?

7. Person yelling nonsense about clowns:

I knew you would lose it someday for not drawing sexy stuff Anna ;x

Person who is running around with a frying pan:


Trying to kill the cockroaches xDDD

Person who believes that he/she is able to control when the end of the world occurs:

Give me the tips on how to do that Winty D8

Person going crazy:

I'm not surprise she landed here rofl

Person who was under at least ten restraining orders:

Deng didn't know that May ;x xDDDD

Person who is strapped to the bed: 

I wonder what you and KaoS are doing.... o___O xDDDD

Person who got thrown in the mental hospital for running over a hamster:

BAd daugther, poor hamster ;A; aDe

Person who is the most sane out of everybody:

Ok I'm a little bit surprised about this one ROFL

Person who doesn't know why he/she is here in the first place:

Seems accuarate ROFL

Well in case the people mentioned here wanna do the tag feel free to B)

In and out =O
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Hello folks :iconblazinflizard:

Well as you all might have known I went to see :iconstarcoli::iconyuukiame: for the first time after almost 5 years of been together...and the only thing I can say about this is....


She is not what I imagined at all...SHE IS A 1000000 TIMES MORE BEAUTIFUL <33343 :heart: :heart: :heart: (and even a little more tall than I expected xDDDDD)

At the beginning when we first met I was so scared and in shock, but even tho that we went toward each other and she gave me a huge hug that was one of the most amazing feelings on earth ;O;!!!!!! :heart: :icondragonhug: She was so warm and soft, gotta love the bae -//AAAAA//-

I presented her to my parents and present myself to her mother who came to pick me up. Our first adventure was going to Walmart together, we didn't talk much in the car because I was talking to her mom and she was all shy and quiet, look at her so purdy OVO aDe At Walmart I started to give her hugs and grab her hand and we started to slowly start talking more. Then when we got to her house we started talking even more and we finally started to act more normal toward each other, then we went to her room and cuddled and huggie and it was really amazing ; V ; :icondragonweep:

And then after a while...

We had our first kiss a//A//a :heart: :iconsweetkissplz: :heart:
I think it was one of the best feelings ever TUT (considering I've never kissed a girl before rofl)

The next day we spend days playing, laughing, hugging, kissing, her parents present me their family, and at the end everyone seemed to love me ;D!!!!

We went to an anime convention called Ohayoocon where everything was FUCKING EXPENSIVE. Like $30 for a plushie?!?! In my countey you get them for $10-$15 like wtf. But oh well we had a really fun time there meeting "Mr. America" and some weird Japanese people. And of course we did cosplay, I really hope she enjoyed her first anime convention ;D

They took me to eat amazing junk food like Crapo Bell (Taco Bell), Popeyes, Red Rocket, Papa Johns, and we even went to Olive Garden with her parents and my parents OAO (akward dinner), but overall everything was awesome OAO aDe

They also took me to fun places like the Thrift Shop, The Dollar Store (Dollar Tree) and Five Bellow, and I got some goodies, and a beautiful lava lamp that is like the most awesome thing I got OAO aDDDDDE :iconlachoirplz:

Overall I really loved Ohio, it's a really amazing place, the weather wasn't that bad as I expected and love all the things that you can find close to the place where :iconstarcoli: lives.

I could keep talking and talking about the amazing time I had there, but I'm sure you guys would get bored xDDD
The only thing that I can say is that I'm so happy I found the girl of my dreams and now that I finally saw her I know for sure that she is the only girl I want to be with for the rest of my life and I'm so glad that her family likes me.

Of course when it was time for me to leave we both broke in tears and we spent awake all night hugging and watching tv until I depart. Yes it was sad and we knew this was going to happen. But I regret something about this? No, not a single fucking bit. Right now we know that we must work hard because we are seeing again in a few months, yes it's sad leaving but we need to finish our things so we can see again. There is no time to waste, now that we had this amazing experience we want to have it again, need to save money, do paperwork, we need to move.

For all the people having a LDR, I tell you that is possible people, as long as you 2 love each other and want to fight for it, you guys will reach true happiness. I'm sure we did, and we can't wait for the time to see each other again that will be in a few months ;DDD

One of my life goals is finally complete, but this isn't over yet. It's just starting. But I'm sure that our love will only become stronger and is impossible to forget what we lived...

16195294 169555013531117 4301820493166525151 N by BlazinFlizard

Love you forever mi amor, and can't wait to be with you for the rest of my life, thanks for the best time of my life :iconsweethugplz: :heart: :icondragonglomp:

In and out <3
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Hi guys :iconblazinflizard:

Right now I'm at Miami. Tomorrow I'm flying to Ohio to see :iconstarcoli::iconyuukiame: for the first time in 5 years and I must say I'm nervous as hell cause you know...the first girl imma be with in flesh and blood, me meeting her parents, she meeting my parents, family events, without mentioning I hope the flight is not turbulent, yeah I'm crapping my pants right now xD

Hope tomorrow everything turns ok ;O; I hope she likes me how physically I am and that we can have a good time ;VVV; I'm so nervousssss xDDD

Well that's basically it, wish us luck guys xD!!

In and out B)
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:iconiicatriz-angelishii: She is a friend irl (even thou I've never physically see her rofl, she is a friend of my cousin and I) who has a DA and she draws really amazing ;O;!!! Looks at this beautiful Hikari she did:

{Art Trade} Hikari - BlazinFlizard by IICatriz-AngelishII

And the most important is that she is Ecuadorian, and we are so few in DA, so we need to make her feel welcomed ;O;
So yeah go watch her, love her and become friendies with her, she has a bright future B)

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Hello everyone :iconblazinflizard:

Well as every year I love to make a journal writing a little about this year, thanking people, what do I expect of the future, etc. Well let's get started :D!!

First of all I want to say that this 2016 was a year full of experiences, full of joyful moments, some disappointing ones, I laughed, I cried, I visit new places, a lot happened this 2016:

- Started drawing anime art.
- Won a Huawei competition at college.
- Started working in Huawei as internship.
- Went to China with Huawei.
- Finished my Huawei internship.
- Started the Blade of Lights manga project.
- Had an exposition at an art museum :D!!
- Finish all the subjects at college TUT!!!
- Made awesome new friends both irl and in DA ;D!!
- Made Japanese friends in Pixiv ;O;
- FINALLY GOT ACCEPTED BY MY GF'S PARENTS AFTER 4 YEARS ;A; :icondragonweep: :iconcryingplz: :heart:
- Got the plane tickets to go see my gf ;A; :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Of course there were also sad moments, that is not important to mention them right now, but most of the year has been really amazing ;D!!!

If I had to say something about 2016, is that it was a year that allow me to grow as person, as artist and as myself. 2016 is a year I will keep deeply in my heart. If I had to say something about this year is that it was "preparation", preparation for what? for 2017, that is gonna be a huuuuuge year in my life.

What do I expect of 2017? Well holy shit, on February 12 I'm going to the US to get ready to see my gf. This 2017 is really a mofcker, in the very first week is going to change my life in unbelievable ways, it don't give me vacations x,D!!
So some of the things:

Start getting things for my house so I can move with my gf in 2018 xD!!!
- Succeed with the Blades of Light project.
- Become an awesome fcker in anime art B)
- Conquer Pixiv with my anime art BD
- Get a good ass job that allows me to do all I want with my time xd

Without any doubt this 2017 is gonna be huge, and the upcoming 2018 as well, from now on things will only get better and harder, but who cares, bring it on life, now I'm level 24, and soon level 25, give me all the things you can B)

And finally, as always I need to thank the people that was with me through this year, and help me in the battle called life xD!! Remember this is for the people I have interacted the most this year, if we rarely talk don't expect to be here, I have many friends but the peep that I have talked the most this year are the ones here x,D

God  :icongodplz:  - Of course I always thank God for giving me the life, for helping me in all those hard moments in which I always ask for his help. Some people must blame me for the things that happen us, and this year a lot of things happened to me, and I know that if something happens in for a reason and I'm really grateful for all the good things and bad things that happened to me and I really hope that God doesn't lost faith in me yet x,D!! Thanks for everything ;O;

My family - Of course if it was't for the help of my family, I couldn't be on college, I couldn't eat, couldn't have a place to sleep so I'm very grateful to them for all the help and unconditional love they have always give me.

Ok now friendies... xDDDDD

:iconreenave: One of my oldest friends, pseudosister, who is always there for me in the hard moments, wanna thank you very much for all the help this year and hope things turn good for you this 2017 ;D!!!

:iconraysrays: My dear Onee-chan ;O;!!! Thanks for been an awesome onee during all this year, and hope that next year you keep doing super sexy Hikaris and watching awesome anime ;D!!! You rock onee ;D!! :glomp:

:icondarkselia: Dark is da shiz, she is like my 3rd sister rofl. I love your art Dark, thanks for making me all those sexy Sallys and for been such an amazing friend ;D!! Hope you and KaoS marry soon ROFL And that next year we continue been super friends and you make me more sexyness B) Have a great year Darky ;D!!

:iconfleesveon: Well you know we love you Ana ROFL Have a great 2017 ;D!!!

:iconlunanightsky: Of course Mooghan is the Mooghan, now she is busy with her bf ROFL, but still another good friendship that never goes away. Hope this upcoming year we talk more, play games, and cool shit B) Happy new year Mooghan ;D!!

:iconminerea: Alica sensei! Hope that you have a really amazing 2017! Wanna thank you for been such an amazing friend and hope that you keep in touch with us and don't be so busy with Videri doing bad stuff |D xDDDD Wish you a great year ;D!!!!

:iconlembuk: Yeah Anna is one of the homies of our little group of friendies. Hope this year we talk more Anna and that you finally make me that drty Sally I want so much B) |D Have a great year Anna Banana OVO!!!

NeonXShadow / Jayanti: The dutch gurls that are awesome, hope you guys have a great year and that next year we talk more and that you are more active in the group xD!!! Have a great year girls :D!!!

:iconvdragon-creations: You have support me a lot this year too, and you have been a great friend ;D!! Hope that next year we can talk more and that you keep doing your amazing dragon art ;D!! (and one day a sexy Sally rofl) Have a great 2017 ;D!!

:iconphoto-freak7: Lau this year I've been so glad we have talked a lot more, doing a lot of awesome and sexy collabs, and thanks for all the amazing art you have done for me ;O;!!! Also so awesome to know you are in photography too ;D!!! I really hope that this year everything turns awesome for you and you achieve all your goals and dreams and that we continue having sexy collabs ;D!!!! Happy new year *O*!!!

:iconvictordragon747: Man many thanks for been supporting me this year too as you always have, you are one of the only really watchers I have x,D Most of people never fave my art, or comment, but you do all that! Thank you very much for your support and I hope this year I can keep having it ;D!! Hope all your dreams and goals come true this year and that it turns really amazing ^-^!!!

:iconmay-ya: May I miss you, you need to come back to activity xD!!! Hope you have a great year and that next year turns really amazing for you ;D!!! Don't get lost xD!!!

:iconsnowfyre: Snowy even if we don't talk a lot I now that you are always looking at my art, commenting, and reading all the stuff I post even with your popularity ;O;!!! Thanks for always be pending of me, and hope that next year we talk more and that you have a great year ;D!!

:iconalb1990: I know you are also pending of my art, you almost always fave all of my drawings since I know you, so I wanna thank you for been pending of my art ;w;!!! Have a great year 2017 ;D!!!

:iconacosmicrose: You have been in almost all my streams this year Cosmic, thanks for been and awesome friend and been all this years by my side ;D!! Hope we talk more next year and that you have an amazing 2017 :D ^^!!

:iconkuroda-ariake: You have been my first Japanese friend, but also you have been my sensei. I have learned a lot from you and all I can really tell you is すべて先生に感謝します!I promise to become better at drawing anime and manga and one day my manga will be in the stores in Japan! That's my goal! Hope you have a great year and you can continue teaching me with your amazing art ;D!!!

iconAlexandriteDragonair: You are awesome Alex, thanks for the amazing Sally I really love her, hope you can do another one in the future ;O;!!! Keep in touch, don't get lost and have an amazing 2017 ;D!!

:icontwilighttheraven: You are a new friendie but you are cool, and have been really nice making me a Sally ;O;!! So hope you have an awesome new year and that we talk more in the future ;D!!!

:iconwinterthedragoness: Well I know you are not active anymore but while you were you were a good friend and you will be missed from here Wintey ;O;! Hope you have a great 2017 ;D!!! (And that you come back rofl)

Sally, Hikari, Tami (*hears distant screams* "What?!"): A person without motivation can't improve, motivation is what keeps us evolving, and this 2 girls have been my motivation to draw all year. They say they are just imaginary characters, but I really do believe they have a heart, they feel happy when we draw them, and from somewhere they are always watching us and taking care of us ;D I love my girls, and hope I can draw you even more awesome this year ;w; Thanks for been bootiful children ;O;!! #BESTGIRL B)

And oh well...we all know that you have to leave the best for the end...and we all know who it is... #BESTGIRL aDDDDe

:iconstarcoli::iconyuukiame: (and any other accound she might have rofl) MI AMOOOOOOR :icondragonglomp::icondragonhug::heart: :iconsweetkissplz:
Mi amor you know that you are my reason to live, my happiness everyday, my reason to do things, without you I simply don't work and my brain is in eternal stupidness, you are everything that makes me happy and everything I will always want and need to keep living x,3 This year we have our ups, our downs, bust most important is another year our love has survived and we shown everyone how we keep moving forward and finally finally after almost 5 years, now in 12 more days we are going to be finally together. To be honest I'm a little scared of this new experience in my life I'm about to face, but at the same time I'm more happy than I ever could be to know that I'll finally going to be able to be with you and I know that no matter what happens by then I'm going to be the happiest person in this life. Thank you so much for always been with me in the good and bads and for not giving up in our love x,3 Wish you and us the best of the years my heart and that this 2017 is nothing more but happyness to us x,3 Love your more than anything you'll ever be able to imagine and my heart will only be yours and no one else's x,3 :iconsweethugplz::iconsweetkissplz: :icondragonglomp:



HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIENDS, LET'S ALL MAKE THIS 2017 A HELL OF A YEAR NO MATTER WHAT!!! :D :iconnewlaplz: :iconlachoirplz: :icondragonglomp: :icondragonspin1::icondragonspin2: :party: :cake:
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Streaming the last drawing made this 2016 :D


Come join :iconnewlaplz: :iconlachoirplz:
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Hellooooous :iconblazinflizard:

I don't expect to get anything, nor I think I deserve it, but oh well I leave this for the funs xDDDDDD


- Sexy Hikari - anime style with her gloves and boots (NSFW, FA NSFW, anything goes ROFL)
- Sexy Tami - anime style her gloves and boots (NSFW, FA NSFW, anything m8 BD )
- Sexy Sally hwit her gloves and boots (NSFW, FA NSFW, anythiiiiiiiiiing |DDDDD)
- Sexy anthro Charizard girl with gloves and boots |D (NSFW, FA NSFW, you know the drill BO )

That's it, I'm very simple to satisfy B)

In and out.
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Hello all happy people :iconblazinflizard:

I haven't make a journal in who knows how long rofl. Well for the people that don't know I just came back from China a few weeks ago. I must say that is an unbelievable beautiful country, really modern, and with such amazing cultural things. I was in Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing and Shenzhen. It was one of the most awesome trips of my life and I return with really awesome memories and experiences (and lotsa cool cheap things B) ) It's really awesome to be working at an amazing multinational company*O*!!!!

But that's not the most amazing news out there....

Everything is ready to go and see :iconyuukiame::iconstarcoli: in January 13th <3 :icondragonglomp: :iconsweethugplz: :iconsweetkissplz:
Her parents already gave me the approval to stay in her house and I'm going to visit her for 1 week ;D!!!! (and then hopefully she can come here to Ecuador in July-August to stay for 1 month ;D!![after I talk with her parents xdddd xD])
It's going to be a little strange since her mom doesn't like me that much, nor her sister, but no matter what happens I'm going to try to have the best time as possible and prove them I really don't give a dem if they don't like me B)

To be honest life has been really hard recently, specially with all this things about planing the trip, saving cash for the tirp, work, debts, university, I really need a break x,D
But I'm slowly starting to get into drawing again, my projects, I'm getting into the drawing of manga/anime, trying to perfection my dragons, and so on ;D Also I've been making Ecuadorian manga artist friends, and that is also helping to level up my art level.

Things are going really awesome, maybe a little stressing, but here we are, always moving forward ;D!!
Hope everyone is having a great time as well : )

In and out.
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Well yes on Saturday I'm traveling to China because of work, this is an amazing opportunity to keep meeting new places ;D!!!
I'm going to be in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Shenzhen this is gonna be so much fun ;O;!!! Tho I'll be a little scared of flying so much hours -A- (24 when going, and 30 when returning), but I'm really happy for this amazing opportunity *O*!!!!

So yeah, this is like the recent news rofl, gonna travel the 27th of August and will be back in Ecuador the 9th of September. So yeah this is kewl fellas, gonna draw a lot during that plane trip e v e aDe

In and out B)
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Ok so this is what we got so far:

We got the main page "index" layout, all that remains is code the functions that will automatically extract that data from the database xD

So our approach is to make a simple, yet rich of context main page. I don't know if the elements in there are good enough, or other things should be displaying instead, right now all opinions and suggestions are gladly welcomed :)

Remember one of the main ArtNoodle features will be:

- Highly customizable profiles (for free)
- Include web media player on pages (for free)
- Include livestream inside pages and announce livestream events on the main page (for free)
- Make unlimited polls (for free)
- Unlimited groups (for free)
- Other cool features taht will be FOR FREE as well 8D!!

And the most important of all...

- Since the site will be managed by me and a group of other cool artists who know how it feels to not been listened by people who only cares about money, we are not gonna allow things like art theft, discrimination, trolling and other kind of sht in this site, this place will be a site created by artists for artists and the artists rights will be protected always B)

It's gonna take a loooong while to get all this things done, however we are making progress and we want your help guys in order to make this idea even more awesone ;D!!!

Spread the word and share this journal around the world *O*!!!

In and out B)
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Hello gaaaaiz :icongrinstareplz:

As you might know I'm working in , a website from artists for artists. That one day will rule over DA offering the same things and more for free B)
Anyways the thing is that first I was coding it under a web framework, but adjusting my programming skills to it was taking too long, later I was trying to use an already made system that was cool and nice, however it had a lot of security issues and couldn't really mod it to the site needs. So decided at the end to start coding it from scratch, and that's what I'm doing. I'm coding using PHP,CSS,HTML,SQL,jQuery,Javascript and some other shiz xD
I don't know if anyone is interested in taking part in the development team that is gonna create the next big artist website, and also will need help of designers that can make small icons for various site stuff (messages, submissions, journals, etc)

So if someone wants to take part in the project, give me a shout B)

In and out.
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Yeah I can make whatever you want, no matter how dirty or bad, just 140 points a nice quality colored sketch B)
You won't regret it B)))))


- :iconstephdragonness:

In and out B)
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Sup brehs :iconblazinflizard:

Well after all this hacker mess I lost my other account so made a new one, feel free to follow me there. Hopefully I can recover the other one but if not this will be my new one x,D


Also I uploaded a sexy Sally drawing made by hand so go watch B)

In and out.
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Hellow guys :iconblazinflizard:

Well as you saw the other day we were making test with the site platform and everything...

NOW OUR ARTSITE IS LIVE =D!!!! So join our art site and live a new artist experience *O*!!!!


(Your activation email might land in the spam folder so check it out xD!!!)

Spread the voice guys and lets make this site an amazing artist community ;D!!!

In and out ;D
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:iconblazinflizard: Hello my dear watchers/friendies n__n

I don't know if you guys heard about this before, I'm sure osme of you did. But we have been working in making an art community/website with a different focus from DA or FA. The site is called ArtNoodle, and we already came with a prototype / design of what it would be. We wanna make this an artist social network with art sharing features, and of course a lot more stuff will be added. However this is a prototype and I wanna see what people thinks about it =O

So come test it out =D!!! (once some things are implemented and people approves it we are gonna transfer it to the artnoodle domain)

Register, try it out, see if you like it, and give us some feedback =D!!! (when you register the validation email might fall in the spam folder so check it out after a minute of registering please xD)

We wanna make a site that artists will enjoy and have a fun time with, so come and give it a try ;D!!!

In and out B)
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